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About The Pet butler


Prior to moving to this beautiful town we call HOME (Waxhaw), I owned and co-operated a thriving pet sitting business in Monmouth County, New Jersey. At that time, I was living in Colts Neck, NJ where I owned a private horse farm. My fur-family consisted of two horses, three dogs and a kitty. In addition to working in the technology field, I worked part-time as a freelance Writer / Photographer within the equine industry, held various volunteer roles (President and Trustee) of a not-for-profit equestrian organization and Thoroughbred adoption program. Also, I was appointed by the Mayor to the Township Recreation Board where I dedicated my personal time to open space preservation.

As a Professional Pet Sitter, I organized charity events supporting the ASPCA. In 2012, after finding a picturesque property adjoining the Assunpink Wildlife Management Area, we moved to Millstone Township, NJ eventually adding one more horse to our stable!

From a very early age, I can recall my deep love and commitment for all animals. Always surrounded by cats, dogs, fish, birds, reptiles… over the years I have experienced the day-to-day experiences that make owning a pet rewarding and enjoyable - as well as the situation where you dig deep, compose yourself in order to act quickly and do what’s needed- all because you are your pet’s best friend and advocate.

My grandfather taught me so much about training and caring for dogs. He was in the United States Army and during his service overseas he spent time with the K9 Unit. Some of my best memories are watching him work with our own dogs. I remember as a young girl traveling across the country with my parakeet and cat, always ensuring my animals were a priority.

In 2017, my husband and I settled into a home in beautiful Waxhaw, NC. While living in NJ and researching towns in North Carolina, I stumbled upon Waxhaw. Immediately I knew this was where I wanted to live as it offered beautiful horse properties, a quaint town with small businesses to shop and dine- the feeling of ‘community.’ What could be better. We credit our horse for bringing us to Waxhaw since he moved to Waxhaw first, now living at a beautiful boarding facility- of course we followed!

Moving to Millbridge in Waxhaw has been a dream come true. There’s nothing that my husband and I don’t love however shortly after moving we found ourselves struggling to find a reliable and experienced pet sitter. Most sitters were too busy, weren’t comfortable around large or senior dogs or didn’t live in Waxhaw which would make the trip more costly or inconvenient for their business. Kennels are not an option for us! And while many friends and neighbors are kind enough to offer help, they have busy lives. What happens if a family emergency arises in their home, how will that affect your pet’s care? We like our pets to have their consistent meal time and routine and found over the years that having an experienced pet sitter care for our pets in their own home is best!

Our furry family members become accustomed to a routine, and it’s my mission to ensure we keep their routine! Also, I find many of us have animals that have a meal that’s uniquely prepared, and rely on supplements or medication. Finding the right pet sitter is essential to your pet’s comfort and well-being! The PET BUTLER of Waxhaw, a Member of Pet Sitters International, is always at your service!

Experiencing the struggle firsthand to find a pet sitter, and seeing this need here in my own community, I committed to providing these services to the residents of Waxhaw and surrounding towns. - At your service, Gina

Meet & Greet

A Meet & Greet is what we refer to as the initial interview or consultation where we meet to introduce ourselves and it gives me the opportunity to meet your pet and have him/her get comfortable with me. At this time, you are encouraged to ask questions that you may have.

It also allows The Pet Butler the opportunity to learn about your pet's routine and other important information such as daily medications, favorite toys, games he/she likes, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if there is an emergency while I’m away?

At the time of the Meet & Greet, Gina will ask you for important numbers and addresses. These numbers include home, work and cell phone numbers, a reach number if you are on vacation, your veterinarian or blacksmith's number and address, and any other important information. The Pet Butler of Waxhaw maintains up-to-date files and carries this information with us at all times. Many of my clients have special needs (medications, dietary, etc.) which we are aware of in advance.

How long is each visit?

Visits can vary depending on the individual pet and his/her needs. Each visit can include feeding, potty breaks, walks, playtime, etc. Often people request for their pet to just have someone to sit on the couch with and watch tv! For horses and farm animals, farm calls may vary in time depending on whether or not your horses need to be turned out or led in, feeding, hay dropped, stall cleaning, etc. The average visit is 30 minutes.

How many visits are in a day?

Visits vary depending on your needs and the needs of your pet. The standard canine client requires 3 - 4 visits per day. For puppies or senior canines, a fifth visit is not unusual and may be necessary to keep your pet comfortable and not disrupt it’s routine. For felines, birds and some smaller pets, 1 - 2 visits each day is typical. For equines, we are available for your needs and your horse’s needs, but the majority of my equine clients choose 2 visits daily depending on their feeding schedule.

How can I check on my pet?

I can be reached day or night. We understand your pet is a member of your family and you may have concerns or just want to get an update. You may phone us at any time at 704-256-5263 or 732-687-1611. I’ll also text daily photo/videos (if you wish) at no additional charge.

Can I check references?

Yes. Please feel free at any time to do so as we want you to be comfortable. I’m happy to give you these numbers upon request. Please also view the Testimonials page on this site and visit us on Facebook for additional testimonials - and 5 out of 5 rating!


Who is The Pet Butler?



Gina Aurichio

The Pet Butler of Waxhaw LLC was inspired by this Greater Swiss Mountain Dog named “Blaze.”  Gina enjoys taking her dogs on walks and hikes, practicing obedience and creating a special bond with every animal.

In 2015 Gina began handling classes so she could ‘owner-handle’ Blaze in the Conformation ring, working towards an AKC Championship title! Gina and Blaze are currently working towards the AKC Grand Championship title.  

Gina has grown up around a large variety of animals and breeds. She owned two horse farms over the span of two decades, boarded horses and cared for her own (A Thoroughbred (now 28-year- old) an American Paint Horse (29-years-old) and an American Quarter Horse / Appendix (14-years-old). Gina is a multiple-pet household which includes Lulu, a 12-year-old Great Dane, Blaze, a 4-year-old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and an 18-year-old retired barn kitty, Eddie. Eddie was an active working resident of our horse barn in NJ until 2016. He made the trip from New Jersey to North Carolina and is now retired and loves his indoor lifestyle.

Here is another photo of Blaze sporting his signature look - the bow tie! A true Southern gentleman!

Here is another photo of Blaze sporting his signature look - the bow tie! A true Southern gentleman!

Gina is an Owner- Handler in the American Kennel Club Conformation ring and has shown her GSMD to achieve his Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) and title of Champion (CH).